I’m searching for a “Partner”

I am looking for a partner to my Studio and Gallery in Rome and another to open a Studio Art in Crete. A dream? Rome already exists and Crete is not so impossible!
Ψάχνω για έναν εταίρο για Studio και γκαλερί μου στη Ρώμη και μια άλλη για να ανοίξει ένα στούντιο τέχνης στην Κρήτη. Ένα όνειρο; Ρώμη υπάρχει ήδη και την Κρήτη δεν είναι τόσο αδύνατη!




Wip…very important person or work in progress?

When a picture will start it’s a “dramatic time”


E’ ora di proporvela…..

E’ giunto il momento di proporvela, questa mia ultima “fatica”.
lunghi mesi, direi quasi un anno, ad inseguire il “pensiero più bello”, il segno più giusto, il colore ….la filosofia del “raccontare”
Quanto ancora da dire, quanto non potrò mai fare!
Una menzione particolare ad una grande Artista con cui ultimamente mi sto confrontando e che ha una dote unica “vedere Oltre”

It’s time to propose, this my last “struggle”.
long months, I would say almost a year, to pursue the “happiest thought”, the most right, the color …. the philosophy of “telling”
How much longer to say, because I will never do!
A special mention to a great artist that lately I’m comparing and has a unique gift “see below”


Prima o poi………..Tôt ou tard…….Sooner or later ……

If you want you can….”rewrite” ….your old furnitures and others!


Yes it’s  possible

If you want you can….”rewrite” ….your old furnitures and others!

This is my style!image IMG_3374