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Passeggiare a Roma

Passeggiate romane con Cristina Taufer che scattava scattava e poi scattava ancora….questo è uno dei suoi frame.

Fondo Bianco

Una nuova Opera

Dipingere o essere Creativi, in questo periodo, presuppone una carica interiore ed una #stabilità non indifferenti. L’artista si trova ancor più isolato dal suo pubblico mentre vorrebbe donargli un attimo di Pace visiva che poi si trasforma in quella mentale. Questo io penso e questo propongo ai Vostri occhi.

Cogito Ergo Sum

Since 1964 Stefano Zampieri let talk about himself during the One hundred Painters Show in Margutta Street – Rome – introducing middle format works with oil technique.

He was interviewed by the Italian Rai Radiotelevisione and by the Radio Argentina both for the quantity of his production and for his being the youngest painter of the artistic review.

Zampieri, class ’54, ” moved colors and abstract forms in wide and full-bodied campiture, unusual for his age”. This was said then and the painter Carlo Zam noticed in the young artist an ability to intend the life and the art in such a “….. dualistic measure….. “

Today, four decades and a half later, new century, new millennium, Zampieri has “touched” every subject that, for search or casualness, reached his hands.

Zampieri Pittore, Potter, Draftsman of spaces…. rather…than rewriter of spaces, being them exquisitely residential or purely commercial. And more on furniture both of new planning and “revisited” rather than “rewrited” as the great art critic, Prof. G.Selvaggi had to consecrate in an incisive article named ” Zampieri Rewritings”.

Till today few is escaped his way of “rewriting” the “things” actually to give back dignity and use to the mancorrente of a staircase that today alive height of “bandagings and color” and returned to the use, it also enjoys some unique being.

To the research of the Teacher doesn’t lack some feminine dresses and a collection of “arts to be worn” commonly called jewels.

Unique works been born after long close examinations and searches from Zampieri in the “female” and thanks also to the meeting with Antonia Collura, orafa of Roman school. (Collura, from 2005, is a vital part in the planning, search, realization of the collections “art to be worn” signed Zampieri)

The works’ creation and their destrutturazione and revision is – says Zampieri – the motor that animates him.

Nothing, he insists, is impossible. You can reinvente every thing, also the humblest, and let it be unique, signed, as only the life is , for those people that realize that.