Una Speranza per il presente .

Una bella critica per un progetto interessante. Gianni Caon e me, uniti.

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Gianni Caon – photographer

Castelfranco Veneto (TV) in 1955.

Atmospheres suspended in time: this is how the works of Gianni Caon can be defined, which immediately affect the characteristic photographic cut. The saturated colors, the whites and the exasperated blacks of Gianni Caon’s photographs contrast with the everyday life of the immortalized scenes: views of cities of art like Florence, Venice and Rome, alpine and coastal landscapes merge to create a unique tonality and place. The photographs focus each one on a specific detail: Caon’s attention is focused on capturing the light of places, whether they are the rays of the sun reflecting on the mountains or the crystalline mirror of water.
It is very important to be able to capture the exact moment to capture the perfect shot, because the photographs are created through a very special technique: it simulates the creation of an overview through the use of continuous shots, which are then analyzed and juxtaposed to each other , like many pieces of a mosaic.
Very interesting is the collaboration with Stefano Zampieri, who with his pictorial style highlights even more the eternity of the places photographed. Thanks to the dense and decisive brushstrokes, which blend perfectly with the many net contour lines of the images, Zampieri creates static atmospheres, suspended in time, almost “historicized” in their majesty: the observer can therefore immerse himself and abandon himself totally to the painting, a synthesis of the perfect fusion between photography and painting.

Francesca Stocco, Dr. in History of Arts


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Buone Feste e…..

Ciao a tutti, ma proprio a tutti compresi coloro che… se scivolo si divertono a saltarmi sopra.

Si buone Feste a anche  a loro perché trovo carino ritrovarli con quei volti  stupiti nel vedermi ammaccato ma vivo .

Buone Feste  e BUON ANNO che verrà, per chi verrà e per chi non verrà.

Buon  DUEMILADICIASSETTE con tanto e tanto ancora da raccontarci.

Stefano Zampieri