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Che impegni hai il 17 giugno? Dalle h 11 a.m. presso il Mondadori Book Store di Cola di Rienzo (Roma) ti attende una piacevole sorpresa…

A Photographer, a Colleague, a Friend. An ongoing history of Opera, indeed, of Operas. Gianni Caon a Photographer Under Track as he likes to say about himself. For him there is no solitude but mental oxygenation in the search for infinite spaces to be imprinted in the form of images on the most disparate but always superior quality materials. His photography can be defined as Essential purified by people as a metaphysical research of the image. His relationship with Photography began in the late 60s when Printing was something that needed Love and great technique. Consecutive hours in the darkroom careful reading of the negatives red or green lights not to impress the film. Years and years of experience from photolithography to film to digital dealing with the old and sacred love of film. Freelance in commercial and fashion photography and always difficult to meet. In fact, Sotto Traccia suits him perfectly, except when he signs his impeccable photographic works. Then the meeting with me, Stefano Zampieri, a few years ago. The Photographic Prints of Maestro Gianni Caon are made on pure cotton fabric, which is the same material used for a part of my Works, therefore, nothing easier was for me to put “Hand” on them. Caon’s photographic subjects have been reinterpreted by me by adding or eliminating shapes and colors. The pictorial techniques used are the classic ones of my work (oil colors – synthetic – innovative compounds). The choice of technique is obviously variable to obtain the effects of transparency or coverage that I want. However, a factor that is decisive for the choice of the type of material I use is, always, the resistance to external agents (light, heat, smog) to ensure that the Works themselves have consecration in Eternity, like the masterpieces of the Past. Today the two Artists, united after years of experience, give life to photographic prints, unique and signed by both, which reproduce landscapes and cities in a new and visionary form. Una nuova era dell’immaginario. Due visionari “qui ed ora” e prossimamente in Galleria Rimanete informati!


Lavoro in progresso

Enter the artist’s Studio and do not wait for his works to be in a museum.
Talking to him about reality and dreams can be good. After that it will be too late.
How many times have you ever wanted to talk to the one who imagined and created a Work?
How many times have you imagined that you can sit in his Studio, in the midst of colors and canvases, to be able to observe the realization of his idea and, perhaps, stop him while this happened and …
How many times….. don’t arrive late this time too.

Entrare nello Studio dell’artista e non attendere che le sue opere siano in un museo.
Parlare con lui di realtà è di sogni può far bene. Dopo sarà troppo tardi.
Quante volte vi è capitato di volere parlare con colui che ha immaginato e creato un’Opera?
Quante volte avete immaginato di potervi sedere nel suo Studio, in mezzo a colori e tele, per poter osservare il concretizzarsi della sua idea e, magari, fermarlo mentre ciò accadeva e…..
Quante volte…..non arrivate tardi anche questa volta.

186×146 – olio su cotone – ancora senza titolo

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